The [Cook]Books I’m Dying to Read + I Get Personal

I’ve been massively busy lately. And no, I don’t mean it in an I’m-too-cool-for-school-I’m-so-busy kind of way. I mean it in an I’m overwhelmed because a full-time work and full-time school schedule simultaneously is kicking my ass. Adding to that the semi-ginormous fact that my partner and I are moving from NYC to San Francisco and well… My anxiety is at an all-time high.

Why am I discussing these semi-personal life activities on this food and book blog? Easy. I’ve been destressing by listening to my favorite magazine about women and food: Radio Cherry Bombe.

“But, Jannelle… how can you listen to a magazine? That doesn’t make sense!”

(I can hear your objections already) Well most amazing readers, the intelligently creative and life-inspiring women of Cherry Bombe magazine have the best podcast ever through the heritage radio network entitled Radio Cherry Bombe.  The last few weeks I have done close to nothing but play catch up with their episodes on iTunes, becoming increasingly obsessed with both Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu’s personalities as well as discovering and falling in love with whichever awesome guest(s) will be featured next.

This leads, of course to our topic of the hour: The Cookbooks I am absolutely dying to get into. Radio Cherry Bombe is feeding my addiction of both food and books. It’s a highly dangerous combination for me that my boyfriend is increasingly apprehensive of. He’s constantly asking me what I’m looking at online and reminding me of the overflowing bookshelves (plural) that we are going to have to ship across the country. Jeez, what a buzz kill.

Mostly, I am sharing these with you in the hopes that you will join me in my revelry and either tell me how much you loved these books and/or tell me which books you are also dying to get your hands on and hello, cook from!

This is my list (in no particular order & feel free to click the pictures to be transported from my blog to the wonderful world of Amazon):

I am not going to get into the restaurants on my list for both NYC and San Francisco after listening to Radio Cherry Bombe non-stop but ladies and gents, the list is a monster that I am entirely unsure of how to tackle, first. Either way, these are my books. There is no true common thread through them other than the authors/chefs all being the guests on episodes of the podcast at different points in time.

I think the other thread of commonality between these books it their use of local ingredients in an either obvious or practical attempt at eating and living sustainably, which is something I have been working on incorporating more of into my life for a few years now.

Either way, I just wanted to share my love for these chefs and Radio Cherry Bombe with you. I have been working as a supervisor in a bookstore cafe for the last year (give or take) while going to school. When I graduated from JWU (Johnson & Wales) 2 years ago, I envisioned myself continuing to work in a kitchen (as I was doing when I first graduated) and moving up while learning along the line. Almost immediately I realized how difficult it was going to be for me as a woman to not only survive, but to succeed. Challenge accepted, I worked my ass off, working towards empty promises and ultimately, false hopes. Now in this cushy job I am about to leave to embark on a new exciting journey, I wonder if it was the best choice. At the time with school being (and continuing to be) a priority, it makes sense.

But my passion and love of food is still here (it hasn’t gone anywhere). While I get my shit together to finish my last semester at JWU and move across the country, I’m not sure what my next step should be. I want to continue to be a part of the culinary world, but how? For a future with the man I love – with children, hopefully – how would I balance working in a kitchen and having enough time at the end of the day to still see the kids and ya know, have a life? Is it one or the other? Can I have a food-related job that allows me to feed my passion and still be a happy medium to experience the best of both worlds? I don’t know but, these are the things Radio Cherry Bombe makes me think of, constantly. These women (and men) inspire me to be the best person and best Culinarian I can be. I want to work harder and faster and better than I did yesterday and it’s a truly great feeling to have such inspiration and motivation back in my life.

So, by me sharing these books and my love for this magazine/podcast with you, I am hoping to instill some of the positivity that I find myself with today.

Happy cooking, everyone.


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 See you soon!



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