2016 Resolutions & How I did in 2015 | PJ’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge

Hello everyone & Happy New Year!

To kick off 2016 on a positive and proactive note, I am participating in Parajunkee’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge. Except, I’m doing a somewhat adaptation to the post topics since I wasn’t as active as I had hoped I would be in 2015. Also, I wanted to incorporate foodie things… because I can.

If you want to see what Parajunkee is blogging about for the challenge, check out her posts, here.

This is my favorite picture of 2015 with my friend, Michelle, & Kresley Cole!

I think I tried to keep it as real as possible for my 2015 resolutions but I still think I went all over-achiever on that list (linked here).

This was my 2015 List. I’ll go ahead and cross out the ones I accomplished.

  1. Visit more small book shops
  2. Read 52 books
  3. Create a blogging schedule (and follow through)
  4. Begin a weekly exercise regimen – Yoga
  5. Read more classic novels
  6. Read more literary fiction
  7. Finish series I’ve purchased and haven’t read or series I’ve started and haven’t finished
  8. Create a BookTube schedule (and follow through)
  9. Finish at least level 1 of Rosetta Stone – Turkish
  10. Start posting cooking/culinary type videos

4 out of 10 isn’t too bad while working and going to school full-time, but eh, I know I could have done better. Some of these will carry over to 2016 because they are either good goals to have or I felt like I didn’t explore them enough in 2015.

Here are my 2016 Blogger/General Life Resolutions:

  1. Visit small book shops (I’ve already discovered so many in SF!)
  2. Read 76 books (this seems like a lot… and it is. But I am calculating 1 book/wk for my blog and 2/month for VBC.)
  3. Create a blogging schedule – & follow through.
  4. Establish a weekly exercise regimen
  5. Read books from different genres (for me, that means historical, contemporary, literary, and non-fiction).
  6. Finish at least level 1 of Rosetta Stone – Turkish.
  7. Keep going; be positive.
  8. Write at least 1 foodie article a week.

So there you have it. I think that these 8 goals are attainable (especially since I will [hopefully] be wrapping up school at the end of February).

I am extremely curious to hear about what your Resolutions are for the new year. Personally, I don’t like to go for extremes and try to set myself up for success in the most convenient way possible. That means setting up short-term as well as long-term goals that are attainable and somewhat correlate with one another. If you look closely at my resolutions, you will see a slight pattern.
I also wanted to be more hands-on with my YouTube channel this year but I don’t want to make it a priority. If I have time, I will dedicate effort to the channel but if not, that’s OK. I think sometimes it’s good to be a little cut-throat with resolutions. You don’t have to set a goal for everything; focus on your priorities.

To wrap it up- Happy New Year! May it bring you health, joy, and all the positive things. May you see light in the darkness and maintain a balanced life.

Until tomorrow, here is where you can find me:

Twitter: twitter.com/jannellereads
Instagram: instagram.com/jannellereads
Vampire Book Club: vampirebookclub.net
Facebook: facebook.com/jannellereads
Goodreads: goodreads.com/jannellereads
Tumblr: jannellereads.tumblr.com/
YouTube: JannelleReads Channel

And I am also an affiliate at:
The Book Depository

 See you soon!



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