Favorite Blog Posts of 2015 | PJ’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day #2

To start 2016 off on a positive and proactive note, I decided to participate in Parajunkee’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge for the first 2 weeks of the new year; however, I’m doing a somewhat adaptation to the post topics since I wasn’t as active as I was hoping I’d be in 2015. Also, I wanted to incorporate some foodie things… because I can. ūüôā

Reviews will begin again on 01/15 and recipes will begin again on 2/01. 

With fellow bloggers at RT 2015 in TX.


I love reading people’s blogs. For me, it’s what I automatically turn to when I turn on my phone, looking for something to do to pass the time. Granted, most of that “free time” is spent reading and obsessing over whichever book I’m currently¬†involved with,¬†but when looking for something lighter and -let’s be honest – more practical (because food is extremely practical!), I read blogs.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my favorite blogs of 2015. Until then, I will share my top 5 favorite posts of the year. (Most of these will be of no surprise to any of you.)

  1. The Carrot Graham Layer Cake Deb posted on Smitten Kitchen.¬†I discovered this recipe in the early days of 2015 & haven’t been the same, since. I look for an excuse to make it whenever I get the chance; I never get tired of baking it and I don’t think anyone ever gets tired of eating it. Instead of 3 layers, I usually bake 2 and I prefer the light brown sugar to Deb’s suggested dark.
  2. Patti’s Review of Lilah Pace’s Asking For It over on Parajunkee.¬†I picked up this book at the RT Convention back in May. Everyone was already talking about it and it didn’t release until September. With my Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) tucked away in my bag, I procrastinated reading it – too long. I was scared it was going to push too many buttons and honestly, consume me. I fall head over feet into books sometimes & I knew this one was potentially too dark. After reading Patti’s review, I just knew I was going to love Asking For It (and i did). I don’t know when it clicked for me but, Patti had a way of explaining the book so well that allowed¬†me to feel safe, falling into such a serious and seemingly taboo¬†novel. This is a seriously kick ass review.
  3. Est√©e Lalonde’s Post on Crystals¬†Did this one surprise you? I’ve been known to have a thing for crystals; whenever we travel somewhere, I am incessantly in search of new rocks or crystals to add to my ever-growing collection, scavenging for them in creeks and rivers as well as in local stores. I also kind of love Est√©e & sincerely look up to her sense of style and down-to-earth personality. It’s one of those people you meet¬†through the web & just know you’d hit it off as instant friends IRL. When I saw she posted about crystals on her blog, it brought me down to earth & shifted some life things into perspective. I kind of think of this extremely simple post as a catalyst for the change I needed to make to bring the positivity back into my life. So, ya know – thanks.
  4. Chelsea’s 25 Days of Book Boyfriends over at the VBC.¬†Linked for you next to number 4¬†is Chelsea’s Day 1 post on Jericho Barrons from The Fever Series. While The Fever series is one of my top 3 series of all time, it’s not my love of Barrons or Mac that made me love the post. Actually, it’s more my love of this whole book boyfriend thing – period. A lot of us are constantly reading through book after book and series after series, falling in and out of love of with many [fictional] characters that imprint themselves onto us for however short – or long – of a time. Chelsea’s unique take on the 25 days of Christmas was a creative & ingenious way to bring us book-lovers together and celebrate the men we’ve read about and obsessed over, most. I am excited to see if this will be continued for the holiday season of 2016-2017.
  5. My First Official Post on The Ravenous Reader here on WordPress.¬†This entire post, entitled “The [Cook]Books I’m Dying to Read + I Get Personal,” was a big deal for me. It was the first official post in my new blogging home and I was scared and anxious. It took me a good 2 years to achieve any kind of followship through my old name – Jannelle Reads – and I didn’t know what this one would bring. If I am completely honest, I still don’t. But as life’s mysteries would have it, the ladies I admire & hold in such high regard¬†from Cherry Bombe Magazine commented a few words of encouragement. I don’t know if it’s a sign of things to come (or not), I just know that it motivated¬†& encouraged me to continue this new journey & I am just too grateful they took that time.


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 See you soon!



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