Best Books & Best Food Choices of 2015 | PJ’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge Days 5 &6

To start 2016 off on a positive and proactive note, I decided to participate in Parajunkee’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge for the first 2 weeks of the new year; however, I’m doing a somewhat adaptation to the post topics since I wasn’t as active as I was hoping I’d be in 2015. Also, I wanted to incorporate some foodie things… because I can. 🙂

Reviews will begin again on 01/15 and recipes will begin again on 2/01. 

You know how I can get extremely carried away when talking about my 2 faves – books & food – so I am going to keep it short and sweet; I am going to talk about my top 5 – only.

I also know I almost missed 2 days in a row – crazy! So this is my quick and easy way to solve that problem: 2 posts into 1.

Best of Books 2015:

From left to right (in no particular order):

  1. The Veil (Devil’s Isle #1) by Chloe Neill
  2. Finding Master Right (Masters Unleashed #1) by Sparrow Beckett
  3. Cold Burn of Magic (Black Blade #1) by Jennifer Estep
  4. Revenant (Lords of Deliverance #6; Demonica #11) by Larissa Ione
  5. Asking For It by Lilah Pace

Be sure to click on the book covers for the links to Amazon 🙂

Best of Food 2015:

Going clockwise starting with the donuts:

  1. Dough‘s donuts were my go-to comfort food for 2015 and it makes me sad that I no longer have them to comfort me on the west coast, My favorite is the passion fruit with cocoa nibs but if by a miracle their special for the day is the passion fruit curd, that’s auto-buy.
  2. Big Gay Ice Cream‘s vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and salted pretzels on a cake cone ❤
  3. Momofuku Noodle Bar‘s Momofuku Ramen. When stumped, always go for the namesake. There’s pork all up in this bowl of ramen and it is freaking awesome.
  4. Murray’s Bagels‘ everything bagel with scallion cream cheese because all mornings should start with this.
  5. Flex Mussels‘… well, who am I kidding? All of their mussel dishes are damn good and if you get the chance to go, make sure you have an empty stomach and try everything you can because it is all absolutely delicious.

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