Top 10 Things That Happened In 2015 | PJ’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge Day #7

To start 2016 off on a positive and proactive note, I decided to participate in Parajunkee’s Blogger New Year’s Challenge for the first 2 weeks of the new year; however, I’m doing a somewhat adaptation to the post topics since I wasn’t as active as I was hoping I’d be in 2015. Also, I wanted to incorporate some foodie things… because I can. Reviews will begin again on 01/15 and recipes will begin again on 2/01. 

I like making lists; I’m a list-writer. To-do lists are my favorite and there is something disturbingly invigorating and satisfying about checking something off of a list. So, I have found that checking things off lists encourages me to continue moving and pushing forward and to simply continue doing. By creating a list like this one in which I type of the best things of 2015, it helps me put the positive into perspective. If you ever find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of despair, try this.


Here’s my list of Top 10 Things That Happened to Me in 2015:

In no particular order –

  1. Moving to San Francisco, CA. – All the feels. I love SF already; it’s beautiful and the people are incredibly welcoming. It feels so different from NYC in the best of ways.
  2. Having family come over for Thanksgiving in NYC – Being away from my family is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with over the last few years. It’s during the holiday season, specifically, that I realize how lonely I feel sometimes without them so being able to spend Thanksgiving with them makes me incredibly happy.
  3. Going to Turkey in August/September – My boyfriend’s family feels like my own. Being able to go to Turkey these last 2 years to visit them kind of feels like going home. I can’t wait until our next trip.
  4. Going to Dallas, TX for RT15 in May – Best. Convention. Ever. I also get to spend time with book friends that I only get to see here every year. We always have the best time, together.
  5. Being able to visit family in Miami in September – Same as Thanksgiving. I love my family ❤
  6. I was on Buzzfeed (twice!) – I think this speaks for itself; it was such an exciting experience.. and so cool.
  7. Chopping off most of my hair – I needed a fresh start & I think that cutting my hair was the first step. It feels incredibly liberating and it’s such low maintenance that I find myself styling it more often than not; I love it.
  8. Reading N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season & reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – I wanted to read books that were slightly different than my norm. Both of these are not too far out of my reading comfort zone but different enough that it left an imprint. I realized how much I was missing by not having read these books and their corresponding genres.
  9. Walking through Central Park in the Spring – This made me realize how beautiful NYC can be. I forgot that a lot throughout the year.
  10. Watching Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – it brought ALL THE FEELS.

What were your favorite moments of 2015?

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